A ghostly visit

Now she was going mad, talking like she owned the place, calling names, calling waiters, calling bottlers and all of the gang that made up a hotel staff. She’d dress up in what’s left of her fancy suits from the shoulder pad era of the early 90’s and sit down on the long smelly couch that suffered from her uncontrollable defecation. She wasn’t like this a few months back. She started ranting that Thursday night that marked my father ten years death anniversary. Kassalli had no pity for her.

She’s mad kassalli’s mother said, na today kassalli replied, in an instant kassalli’s mother hit him hard at the back of his head.

Four years of unifasity educate, I sell bread in the morning, bole for afternoon n I dey manage that old goat momodu everynight through those years because I want to pay your fees, this one wey u neva even get bank jobs, you don’t want to know how many times I wan use rat poison kill you for dissapointin me, yet u dey speak broken for my house to remind me say you be failiure.

Kassalli slowly backed away from his mother, at age 24, she still hit him like he was 3yrs old. He was short like his father and she was huge and imposing. The semi mad woman made another barrage of rubbish and kassalli and his mother shared a laugh. Since she broke their only television last month, she had been their primary source of entertainment.

‘But mama, are you sure you are not behind this woman’s craziness’ kassalli said

‘haba, u this boy u give me too much credit sef, I sabi do person but I no good reach like this, Caro is beyond redemption.

What she did was wicked though, but this treatment is harsh, kassalli said.

Slowly, kassalli recollected the incident that led to his father’s death.

It had been a week of hell, caro yellow sisi hadn’t stop nagging since the beginning of the week, her occasional nagging had turned into an everyday affair, and Caro was on a nonstop rampage. She had been threatening kassalli’s mother for a while, but his mother was too heartbroken to start a fight with her, his father bringing home a second wife had nearly killed her, his father’s excuse was the fact that she couldn’t give birth any longer, but my mother knew better, she even knew the type of igwu leaves caro had used for her chemistry practical on my father.

Caro as the new, younger and favorite wife, bullied kassalli’s mother till one day kassalli’s mother smashed a bottle on the floor and nearly made a tribal mark on Caro’s face. She was too frightened to tell her husband. Kassalli’s father came home late as usual on his most unfortunate night, he was looking extremely tired as usual and terribly underfed, Caro had zapped all his money and she wanted more, kassalli’s mother had stop cooking for him since the day he told her he saw a frogs head in his stew, his father called a lump of frozen ewedu frog head and he beat the crap out of kassalli’s mother that night on the orders of Caro.

The night the poor jazzed man was to die, he came home as usual and kassalli went to help him take off his socks as usual, unluckily two men followed him in, they demanded for some money his company told him to keep, they even went as far as telling him the cupboard he kept the money, details only Caro could know, kassalli’s father only at this point, started to see the errors of his ways, but death was way too close. Caro seeing her doom as to how adamant her husband was to the denial of the existence of the money, took on a new act as the robbers grew impatient, got up from where her husband and her lay and led the men to the room in pretence of doing the right thing to save their lives, for lying to them, the men went off the preplanned script and shot kassalli’s father dead

Pishaun pishaun, the local hand gun went off and kassalli’s father was dead.

‘Dem born any girl make e chook love poison for your food kassalli, heaven and hell go reject her dead body’

Kassalli rolled over in laughter.

Caro the mad woman cut their little fun as she began to scream kassalli’s fathers name, kassalli stared at his mother and proceeded to hold her, he noticed the name still meant a lot to her, after all this years she was still heartbroken, the tears welled up in her eyes but she never let it drop. Kassalli’s mother got up and removed her head tie, walked toward Caro who was still screaming her dead husband’s name in fear, for a few seconds kassalli and caro thought his mother wanted to help, trembling tremendously, Caro tried to hide behind her, instead kassalli’s mother pushed her to the ground and tied her scarf over her mouth to muffle her scream. She then left Caro who began to shake in fear as if some ghost was there to haunt her, kassalli’s mother then exited the room and with one scornful look she ordered kassalli to do the same as she locked the door leaving Caro in the room with her strange unwelcomed visitor.

Kassalli thought to himself, karma wasn’t the only bitch that caught up with Caro, his mother did too