Hey y’all
15days to the end of a very eventful year for me. The highlight of which would be that I graduated from the University at last:). Many low points but I always choose not to dwell on my misfortune, I prefer to speak to God about them, afterall, who else can do miracles like Him *adjust halo*.
So I began my youth service last month, and camp was almost uneventful(I said ‘almost’ a few things happened ;)). Lots of people had fun doing stuff but I mostly hid in my room, all the hype about NYSC camp just didnt get to me, not even the marching or the girls ^.^. From the new blog tittle you can guess I was posted to Ibadan, well it isnt really Ibadan, its a town on the outskirt of Ibadan. (almost a village;()
Why i changed my blog tittle? I want to start blogging effectively again. Previously I stopped blogging because I didnt have so much of a good reason to put my writing out there, I didnt want to be like all the million bloggers who just blog because they have internet access. This time I want to do something different.
In the course of my long stay in Ibadan, I want to travel around Oyo and once every week I’d be posting write ups and lots of pictures about the beautiful things here. It would be difficult but i think it would be fun unearthing history and learning about the people here, it would be a real youth service. I’d be introducing in my own way, the people of Oyo.
Also, i would still be posting my short stories here, hopefully once a week too.
I wish you a better 2013, and I pray that God makes it a brilliant year in our lives.
God bless Nigeria.


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