Looking for Food

Hi ya’ll.
I think this would be the first time I’m having a guest writer on my blog. She’s a long time friend and she decided to give writing a shot. She’s an avid reader and one of my best critic. Please read, enjoy and comment, she’d very much appreciate comments and honest feedback.

Yes, I know the first thought on your mind is ‘food?’ This write -up is about Friendship.
Some of us stay away from certain type of foods, we also have foods we give minimal thought to as well as some food we cannot do without. Sometimes when these foods in the last category disagree with our digestive system, we get sick for a while and nonetheless we go back to it. That is the way I see life and friendship. Some people we know, but keep at bay, some others are in the ‘acquaintance’ pool, while others we just can’t do without; the inner circle. A lot of people have a large number of friends in the second category which may consist of even their own relatives.
This crossed my mind recently. I had to move from one state to another because of school, and my inner circle happened to be scattered all over the country, suddenly I was in the midst of people whom I had little or no rapport with. I went to school with a few of this people, whom larhgely made up my ‘acquaintance’ pool *wipes sweat*…. I know right. So here was my dilemma- it’s either I die of loneliness or I make new friends (it’s been sooo sooo long since I did that). Making new friends looked like hard work as I’m not a particularly interesting person. I later decided to take it as it comes. And so I met some beautiful people, fun loving and intelligent too. Wahala started at this point- acquaintance pool or inner circle??? This was borne out of the fact that I grew up with the notion that keeping friends as a lady was somewhat unhealthy.
At this point, I reminded myself of the good times I once had with my ‘inner circle’ and filled my soul with the memories of our times together. A bunch of crazy, fun-loving girls who are God-fearing and remained strong while facing life head-on despite the many hurdles of life that surfaced (oh!we did have truckload of hurdles). We are one-small happy family which has extended to our siblings and parents with plans to raise our kids together In shaa Allaah. I hold on, hold on, hold on till the day we will all be together again (maybe at Dee’s or WYS’ wedding…lolz) and enjoy our numerous laughter as we used to.
So this is just to bear in mind the whole essence of friendship and not taking it for granted whilst remembering that the world is filled with about 7billion other people and it’s a nice and bright day to meet people and make some new friends.


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