Away n Back :( n :)

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Bright and beautiful morning it was, I could hear the birds tweet “Today is gonna be a great day”. I stretched well, checking the time to know how long I will spend on my devotion (I’m a Christian by Faith)

“What in the world 6.50am?” I exclaimed. I’ve been awake since 5am, I just couldn’t stand up (Please Don’t judge me, I’m not lazy, time flies). You know, that “Oh my exam is in an hour, at a 45 minutes-drive location, and I haven’t had my bath” moment? I rushed up, rubbed and shined (Nigerian Slang for not having your bath, just washing up parts of your body and making up to cover up) picked my back pack and rushed out of the room. I got to the ground floor to discover I didn’t brush my teeth. I shrugged “oh well, it happens sometimes, thank God for minty chewing gums” (Still…

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